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General Hospital Spoilers (GH): Ava’s Scheme Uncovered!

General Hospital SpoilersGeneral Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers (GH) for Friday, May 26 reveal all hell breaking loose as the fallout from the Nurses’ Ball continues. But which will be worse – Hurricane Carly’s wrath or Jake’s impersonation of The Omen? Get ready to find out!

In the Hot-Seat
While Ava (Maura West) continues to be her own worst enemy, Sonny focuses on Carly (Laura Wright) as she goes off on Ava.

She tries to get the truth out of her nemesis about what happened with Morgan’s pills and warns her she’d better tell the truth or else she doesn’t know what she will end up doing to her.

Really, Carly? Cause we’re pretty sure that the actual truth is far worse than any lie Ava may come up with to tell you. You may want to rethink that threat.

Freaky Kid
Spoilers say that Liz (Rebecca Herbst) hesitates – but about what is unclear. Does Jake ask her if he’s freaking creepy? Cause we’d understand her hesitating on that one.

Meanwhile, Jason (Billy Miller) approaches them and learns that Jake wants to do his magic act even though they just performed the finale of the ball, proving that timing isn’t his strong suit. Jason, obviously missing the obvious, asks if there’s a problem.

Later, Jason has a flashback. Guess it’s too much to ask that it answers everything and ends this weird story.

Jealous Much?
Andre (Anthony Montgomery) wants to know why Anna (Finola Hughes) is always giving “him” (probably Valentin?) the benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile, the man himself knows something is up with his wife and asks Nina (Michelle Stafford) if it’s about Anna. She counters with when is it ever not about…continue reading on the next page —>

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