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General Hospital Spoilers: Anna Returns to Find Julian FREE!!

General Hospital spoilersGeneral Hospital spoilers

Brand-new General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, September 28 promise a stellar return by Anna Devane as she reacts to Julian going free. Sit back and get ready for the fireworks!

To Hell in a Handbasket
Anna (Finola Hughes) returns to Port Charles and heads to Kelly’s where she meets up with Griffin (Matt Cohen). When Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) enters, Anna immediately goes to her and asks what the hell happened with Julian’s (William deVry) warrant. They were supposed to have a slam-dunk case before she left, and now it all fell apart. She is not happy that the man responsible for having Duke killed is roaming the streets free. You can bet she also has some questions for Paul (Richard Burgi).

Curiosity Killed the Cat
Tracy’s (Jane Elliot) sleuthing ability led her straight to Susan Hornsby, and she finds Paul (Richard Burgi) right by her side. She listens outside Susan’s room while Paul is visiting her and is shaken by a conversation she overhears. But, exactly how much did Tracy hear, and does it click for her this time? After all, Paul confessed to killing Sabrina once already, and she misunderstood what he meant. If she heard too much this time, will her life be in as much danger as Monica’s (Leslie Charleson)?

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Trouble Brewing
Despite all that these two have been put through thanks to Claudette’s (Bree Williamson) lies, Nathan (Ryan Paevey) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) grow closer. Maxie tells Nathan that Claudette has been lying to them the entire time. So, does this mean that her life isn’t really in danger or that the little isn’t Nathan’s daughter? Meanwhile, Claudette calls Griffin and tells him that she really needs to speak with him and it’s important. He hasn’t been her beck-and-call guy lately – will he show up this time?

Meeting of the Minds
Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Andre (Anthony Montgomery) are surprised to see each other at the gym. The two men face off, but it’s not clear what they are discussing. Could they each have their own theory about the General Hospital serial killer? Or does this have more to do with Jordan – either personal or professional? Either way, we’re betting this will be fun to watch.

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