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A Silver Lining? Sisters Momentarily Connect In this Cockamamie Story

Liz and Hayden on General HospitalLiz and Hayden on General Hospital

General Hospital has woven two stories together – and while it hasn’t made a great deal of sense, it did give us a couple of great moments on today’s episode.

First, there’s mortal enemies (okay, that may be a bit melodramatic but still…) Hayden and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) finding out they’re half sisters.

The other story involves Dr. Hamilton Finn and his fatal mystery disease where the supposed cure is something that brings joy to junkies everywhere, making people think those with this illness are in fact drug addicts. Today, both stories took a step forward… for a minute.

A Shocking Development
Finn finally gave Hayden (Rebecca Budig) the test results we all feared (well, those of us who don’t realize it’s a soap and know there’s no way they’re killing these two popular characters).

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He revealed to her and Tracy that the former heiress did in fact test positive for the same disease that’s killing him and already killed his wife. Hayden tried to shrug it off and insisted it wasn’t going to kill her today, so she was going to head into General Hospital and return to work.


But, that is where we first see the cracks in her facade – the ice queen is in fact devastated by her diagnosis and the simple act of losing her money in a vending machine causes her to crack.

It was a beautiful moment to see her let her guard down and cry in Liz’s arms – even if she quickly broke away, saying she can’t believe she did that since Liz is the last person she wants helping her. We got the moment at least, and it was heartbreaking.

Nothing Can Stop Her
The second story also finally gave us a moment worth savoring. A desperate Finn (Michael Easton) was trying to figure out how he could score more of the magic drug, now…continue reading on the next page —>

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