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General Hospital Showdown: Kim Jumps The Shark, Liz Fights Back

Kim and Elizabeth General HospitalKim and Elizabeth General Hospital

Kim’s slow descent into madness is absolutely complete now on General Hospital, whether the writers meant for that to be what we are seeing or not. (From GH social media posts, we still get the feeling they want us to feel for Kim.) But, watching Elizabeth Imogene Webber Baldwin take this lunatic down was glorious.


Really, Kim (Tamara Braun)? Franco (Roger Howarth) is as dead as Oscar (Garren Stitt)? Is Franco’s heart still beating? Why yes, it is. As a doctor, this woman should know that Franco is in no way dead because that was not Drew Cain’s (Billy Miller) body she just had sex with. But, Kim is insane so what can we expect?

This story is as insane as Kim, to begin with. And from the start. Memories on a flash drive? A whole life? On a flash drive you can buy at Target? Right there this story lost us, but we wanted to know Drew Cain, so we hung on. And then we are given Drew Cain via an alien space hat on Franco and learn Drew was a jerk? Great, thanks, GH. Just what we couldn’t wait for.

Why couldn’t we get to know Drew Cain via Drew Cain for the last two years? Maybe he and Kim really did have something back in 2002 and it could have been explored, with Drew Cain. Maybe then we would have gotten to like Kim rather than loathe her.

Not Putting Up With It

Thankfully GH is not just allowing Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) to put up with her nonsense. Kim has convinced herself Drew has returned to her in another body. Because she also convinced herself not telling her teenager he has cancer would make it go away.

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The only enjoyable scenes to come out of this story so far aired yesterday. We wanted to haul off and slap Kim as hard as Elizabeth did. And Liz did what she had to do.

Is Elizabeth an innocent? Is Franco? No, both have done horrific things in their past for a myriad of reasons, but both of them also fixed one another. And that is what makes them work so well. Their characters were damaged and broken and then healed when GH made the perfect move and put these two together nearly four years ago.

And even when Elizabeth did what she did with the Jake Doe saga, we could see her conflict. And we knew the character for two decades at that point and had an investment in her as we watched her life go wrong at her own doing.

Where is our investment in Kim? She is not a legacy character and she has no real ties to anyone on the current canvas. The character is not working despite the talent of Tamara Braun and we fear there is no end in sight as the inevitable is bound to happen — Kim pregnant with FRANCO’S baby. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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