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Port Charles SHOCKER — Ava Feels Guilt and Morgan Pays the Price!

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The impossible has happened on General Hospital as Ava may finally feel guilt for messing with Morgan’s bipolar drugs — but it’s too little, too late. Both she and Sonny have a hand in the ultimate fate of Morgan.

Circumstances have been working against the youngest Corinthos male all week, pushing him to the point of no return he hit on today’s show. First, he was expelled from school, which made him feel that his parents hated him, and he let Kiki down. Then he got drunk, making him almost impossible to talk to; and then feeling like there was nothing left, he stole Julian’s (William deVry) car and sped off into the night.

One Last Chance
Luckily for Morgan, Jason (Billy Miller) was there to try to make things better. He finally got Morgan to stop driving drunk and pull off the road. Meanwhile, Ava, proving to not be a complete sociopath and capable of feeling guilt, could see her handiwork had caused more damage than she realized. We’re not sure what she thought the end game would be after switching out Morgan’s bipolar meds with placebos but it appears she didn’t want it to be his death. She decides she wants to go out looking for him.

God’s Hand
On the other side of town, Sonny (Maurice Benard) had already put his plan to kill Julian into motion despite Carly’s and Dante’s objections. He ran into Griffin (Matt Cohen) at church, who did the impossible – he was able to reason with Sonny and talk him out of his plan to do in Julian. Calling off the hit gave Sonny an extra spring in his step, happy to no longer be lying to Carly. She noticed he seemed lighter as Sonny promised things were going to work out. Sonny has never been more wrong.

Past Revisited
Perhaps having spoken about the death of his first wife in a car bombing got Sonny thinking about how to handle Julian. Regardless, it’s his youngest son who is now paying the price of his thirst for vengeance. In an ironic twist, we’re pretty sure his wanting to call it off won’t be enough to save him from Carly’s (Laura Wright) wrath once the truth comes out. Will their lives ever be the same? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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