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GH Serial Killer Story Nears End As Sonny/Julian Heats Up

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This week saw the crisscrossing of two hot stories on General Hospital. More people learned that Paul is the GH serial killer — forcing that story closer to its end as the pieces for an epic Julian/Sonny battle began falling into place. The upshot is a very exciting week in Port Chuckles history.

For the Love of Susan
Ever since Paul (Richard Burgi) botched his attempt to kill Monica (Leslie Charleson), costing Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) her life, things have been spiraling out of control. The guilt of killing an “innocent” seems to have affected the newly-psycho DA, who couldn’t stop confessing out loud until finally Tracy believed him. That cooked her goose and made her shoot to the top of his hit list, despite being the mother of his child. Luckily for Tracy, the only person in Port Charles who knows how to buy a clue, Anna (Finola Hughes), finally returned and more in five minutes than hapless Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) had been able to do the entire summer.

Jane Elliot has been nothing short of brilliant in her scenes as she realizes her ex isn’t just sad and a bit demented, but rather he’s literally cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Thank goodness she didn’t have to rely on the PCPD to solve her case, and now son Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) is in position to save her life. Here’s hoping this will have a swift and final end for Paul so that Monica and Tracy can return to important matters like getting General Hospital reopened and bickering about the mansion décor.

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Julian and Sonny Smackdown
You know it’s coming – there is no way that Sonny (Maurice Benard) can hold his head up high in Port Charles as long as Julian (William deVry) is drawing breath. He is a threat to his family as well as Alexis (though she finally woke up and got a restraining order to keep him 100 yards from her). Sonny had a moving conversation with his former right hand, Jason (Billy Miller), while explaining to him that no matter how peaceful your life is, it doesn’t hurt to keep practicing. The ominous advice wasn’t lost on Jason.

Back at home, Carly (Laura Wright) tried to reason with Sonny about not turning to violence. They’ve been down this road before, and she knows it will cause pain to everyone. She asks the impossible – no retaliation. Sonny promises her it won’t be by his hands, allowing himself the loophole since he made sure nothing can be traced back to him. We can’t help but feel that this will eventually blow up in Sonny’s face – possibly literally – one way or the other.

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