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General Hospital Serial Killer Case Seriously Circumstantial

Valerie, Amy and Franco of General HospitalValerie, Amy and Franco of General Hospital

On today’s General Hospital, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco (Roger Howarth) went to his happy place not knowing that the Port Charles Police Department was closing in.

First Date
It was sweet to see Franco so happy, but ever notice that even when he’s happy, he’s still really, really creepy? He waxed poetically about how he took her where he felt alive and no judgments (unlike the Floating Rib). Just as Liz was relaxing, Franco joked that he was walking off for a moment so she could call the cops – but then let her also know that there was no cell reception. He seriously lacks common sense or perhaps self-awareness. Either way, he returned to wax poetically about art, not realizing that when Liz showed up in Port Charles as a kid, she was an artist herself.

Portrait of the Artist
They bond as they get to know each other, and he showed her a painting he did of her. Nerves run through him because he so wants her to like it but it’s the first he’s painted that didn’t come from anger. No matter – she loves it! He wants to do another and she agrees on one condition. He has to allow her to paint one of him too. He agrees.

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General Suspicion
Meanwhile at General Hospital, the search for the serial killer intensifies and all roads point to Franco. The smoking gun so to speak is the vial left in the victim’s room – because it only had one set of prints – Franco’s. Wouldn’t a killer have wiped it clean though or worn gloves? You have to love that crackerjack team over at the PCPD. They’re even listening to Nurse Amy for clues!

[relbar text=”Did General Hospital Imply Luke Is Dead?”]Things Are Sketchy
There other “big” clue is finding Franco’s sketchpad. He’s drawn each of the three victims, applying a corresponding number to that page. Then – oh my goodness – he’s got a page numbered four. But there hasn’t been a fourth victim! How could he know that?
Did anyone think that because it’s a serial killer, he probably assumes there will be another victim? With the PCPD on the case, he probably realizes just like we do that chances are this killer won’t be caught anytime soon.

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