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General Hospital Recaps: A Memorable Week of Life and Death

General Hospital RecapsGeneral Hospital Recaps

The “General Hospital recaps” for May 9-13 highlight a week fans had been waiting for. One man got his life back, while another lost his life in episodes that left us on the edge of our seats.

Jason (Billy Miller) had a battle with his own mind in which Robin, Carly, Helena, Sam, and Sonny appeared. Each one except Helena encouraged his memories, while Helena tried to gain control of him from the dead.

Jason resisted Helena, recovered his memories, saved Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) from death, and shocked Sam (Kelly Monaco) completely when he told her he remembered everything. Now, we can’t wait to see where they go from there.

The crash that gave Jason his memories nearly cost Dante and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) their lives, and in a roundabout way cost Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) his. The hitman managed to escape the wreckage and made his way down to the docks where Anna tried apprehending him.

After a physical battle, Carlos locked Anna (Finola Hughes) in a large freezer and then called Julian (William deVry) for help. Julian arrived at the docks to ostensibly give him money, but ended up stabbing him instead. He then pushed him into the river, but Michael found him and called 911.

By then, Anna had a dream visit from Duke (Ian Buchanan) and a real visit from Andre (Anthony Montgomery), who rescued her. At the hospital, Anna couldn’t believe Griffin–who revealed himself as a priest–was more concerned with giving Carlos his Last Rites than getting a deathbed confession about Julian.

Meanwhile, Julian made sure to show up at Crimson where he felt Nina (Michelle Stafford) would give him a good alibi. Even Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) found him there, but when she learned Carlos was killed before she saw him with a very large knife rather than a gun, she put two and two together and knew her husband was responsible for all the crazy in Port Charles over the last few weeks. Expect one heck of a showdown as Alexis confronts Julian with all she knows.

Speaking of Nina, she had quite a night when Franco (Roger Howarth) showed up in her office naked begging her to take him back. He had just visited his mother, leaving Heather (Robin Mattson) an unusual portrait of herself. Heather told him sex is the answer, so he attempted to use it in his unsuccessful attempt to win back Nina.

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