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General Hospital Recap: A Whole New World For Danny Morgan!

General Hospital Recap FridayGeneral Hospital Recap Friday

The General Hospital recap for Friday, May 31 features Jordan declining a deal with the devil, Anna and Scorpio tying a bow around their romantic past, Ava clearing the first of many legal hurdles, and the Morgan family celebrating.

Rather than cower to the threatening Curtis (Donnell L. Turner) who demanded that he submit to the kidney donation, Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) instead offered an exchange: his kidney for his freedom.

Upon hearing the news Jordan (Brianna Nicole Henry) furiously denounced Ryan as crazy. She told Curtis and Laura (Genie Francis) there was no way she was negotiating – even a plea bargain that would ensure Ryan didn’t face the death penalty was out of the question as far as the police commissioner was concerned.

In the hospital corridor, Robert (Tristan Rogers) gave Finn (Michael Easton) his heartfelt congratulations on his engagement to Anna (Finola Hughes).

Later, during a moment alone, Robert and Anna addressed their past and lovers and husband and wife and he admitted that she was the love of his life and he would always care for her although he was glad that she was moving on.

However, the conversation soon turned to Peter and the truth about his maternity with Robert once again pushing Anna to investigate whether or not she or Alex is Peter’s biological mother. Anna reiterated that she did not want to push the issue as she wants to establish a parent/child relationship with Peter.

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Robert pointed out that Anna’s maternal instincts were all well and good but manipulative Alex would use the truth to her advantage and throw everyone’s lives into chaos at the first opportunity. Taking his words to heart Anna revealed to Finn that she had booked a flight to Zurich to confront her sister.

At the courthouse Ava (Maura West) laughingly dismissed Scotty’s (Kin Shriner) plan to plead temporary insanity but she did follow through on their plan for her to plead “Not Guilty.” When the D.A. did not object to bail the judge set it at 100,000 and Julian (William DeVry) began the process of getting Ava home.

And finally, it looks like Danny shares a birthday with Kiki as it was his big day. He even seemed older than when we last saw him and we guess he is. However, his biggest thrill and gift was learning Jason would be moving back to the penthouse and they’d be one, big happy family.

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