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General Hospital Recap (Weekly): Ugly Truths and Caustic Confrontations

General Hospital Recap February 22-26

The General Hospital recap for February 22-26, 2021, features Anna coming to her senses, Franco changing his address, and Cyrus getting stymied.

General Hospital Recap Highlight

After receiving an update from a truth-bearing Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), and following a one-on-one conversation with Peter (Wes Ramsey), Anna concluded that her nephew was beyond redemption.

And with that in mind, she insisted to Valentin that they had to not only figure out a way to bring Peter to justice, but they had to it before he and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) said, “I, do.” Easier said than done.

Family Circus

Franco (Roger Howarth) continued to suffer the ill effects of his radiation treatment, but his spirits were buoyed when Cameron (William Lipton) revealed that he had shaved his head in a show of solidarity.

However, the seeds of discord were sewn between the two when Franco decided to leave the family home and commit himself to Shadybrook Sanitarium.

Separate Lives

Curtis (Donnell Turner) continued to forge ahead with plans to switch his career from P.I. to nightclub owner, while Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) remained none the wiser. However, the issue came to a head when Sam (Kelly Monaco) accidentally tipped Curtis’s hand and forced him into opening up to his estranged wife.

A No Go

Jackie (Kim Delaney) and Martin (Michael E. Knight) managed to track Florence down, ascertain that she was indeed being well cared for, and make off with a first-hand account of Cyrus’s (Jeff Kober) villainy.

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A subsequent character maligning article, coupled with a plea from Lesley Webber (Denise Alexander) resulted in Cyrus losing the confidence of the hospital board – and thus his chance at getting his drug prescribed through reputable sources.

Not So Happy Day

While Peter busied himself with heinous acts like burning the proof of his misdeeds and strong-arming Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) into declining the invitation to his and Maxie’s wedding, the bride forwent preparing for the big day and instead retreated to Nathan’s grave.

She was hoping to receive a sign that her husband championed her decision to marry Peter – really any kind would do. But while she waited for some reassurance, Maxie found herself ambushed by an unseen figure!

Value System

While visiting GH, Jackie caught sight of a clearly flustered Finn (Michael Easton), whom she engaged in conversation. He admitted to having Chase’s (Josh Swickard) DNA tested against his own and revealed that the results were in. Jackie chastised him for taking action despite knowing that the consequences could prove devastating, and Finn agreed to let the matter rest. For the time being.

Husband, May I Confront Danger?

Still convinced that Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) was somehow behind the delivery of the dead cockroach and creepy note, Ava (Maura West) and Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) made plans to prove it.

A large bribe ensured Ava half an hour with the supposedly incapacitated psychopath, and she took great delight in tormenting and teasing him. But even though she achieved a certain degree of satisfaction, Ava wound up leaving with the sneaking suspicion that Ryan wasn’t to blame for her twisted Valentine.  General Hospital, airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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