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General Hospital Recap, Wednesday, June 12: Jordan Solves A Case

General Hospital Recap WednesdayGeneral Hospital Recap Wednesday

The General Hospital recap for Wednesday, June 12 features Ryan realizing he has been bamboozled, Jordan hypothesizing an audacious con job, and Maxie encouraging Josslyn to dabble in the dark arts.

Valerie (Paulina Bugembe) arrived at the hospital with some disconcerting news for Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry). Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) was awake at Pentonville and claiming he never consented to donate his kidney to Jordan. An increasingly suspicious Jordan called Chase and had him do some investigating.

At Crimson, Ava (Maura West) reveled in toying with Nina (Michelle Stafford) over whether or not she will sign her contract. Jax (Ingo Rademacher), fed up with Ava’s game, launched into a verbal assault of Miss Jerome, bringing up her myriad sins including murdering Connie and playing a role in Morgan’s death.

A fed-up Ava stormed out and Nina insisted Jax apologize and get Ava’s John Hancock on that contract.

In Tanzania, Kim (Tamara Braun) passed out as a result of altitude sickness and the doctor prescribed medication caused her to envision that Drew (Billy Miller) as Oscar (Garren Stitt).

A distraught Kim apologized for not fighting to keep them all together as a family and begged her son’s forgiveness. Drew, playing along, assured Kim there was nothing to forgive an action that brought her great comfort.

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Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) discussed Josslyn’s feeling that she never got proper closure with Oscar before his passing and Maxie (apparently a totally novice where horror movie clichés are concerned) encouraged Josslyn to try contacting Oscar by conducting a séance.

Back at the hospital Jordan a laid a “hypothetical scenario” to Curtis in which he, as ringleader, rounded up Kevin (Jon Lindstrom), Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Franco (Roger Howarth), Finn (Michael Easton) and Valerie to drug Ryan so they could stash him away and have Kevin sign the consent forms in his brother’s stead.

At Pentonville, an enraged Ryan drew exactly the same conclusion as Jordan and vowed bloody retribution against everyone involved in the scheme. Finn left him to his murderous ramblings narrowly avoiding Nelle (Chloe Lanier), who entered Ryan’s room.

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Video Credit: General Hospital

Video Credit: General Hospital

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