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General Hospital Recap: Secrets Kept And Revealed

General Hospital RecapGeneral Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for October 4-11, 2019 features an interrupted wedding, a town angry at Lulu, and Sam in a whole lot of trouble.

General Hosptial Recap: Weekly Highlights

Show of hands. Who was surprised that Nina (Cynthia Watros) actually made it down the aisle and got to exchange wedding vows with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)? Because, honestly, in a town where prospective brides are shot on their way towards their groom this was a major feat.

But, sadly for Nina, she wouldn’t get the chance to say, ‘I do,’ seeing as how Lulu (Emme Rylan) was quick to jump from her pew and spill everything she knew about Sasha’s (Sofia Mattsson) big whopper of a lie.

Nina didn’t take too kindly to the interruption. And, in the end, the would-be Mrs. Cassadine had to stand and listen as Sasha revealed that what Lulu had overheard was true. She is not Nina’s biological daughter.

Nina fled the church — and found solace with Jax (Ingo Rademacher) — while a fuming Valentin laid all the blame for the canceled wedding at Lulu’s feet. Surely, you didn’t think he was going to take responsibility for his actions and admit his role in this long con.

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A Week Of Throwing Others Under The Bus

Wheels on the bus, meet Sam (Kelly Monaco). Sam, wheels on the bus. And the oh-so-helpful gentleman who engineered Ms. McCall’s rendezvous with the proverbial vehicle? Why it was Peter August (Wes Ramsey) — that no good, dirty son of a Faison — who had to think of a way to extricate himself from a very tricky situation.

In Peter’s defense, he didn’t really want to frame Sam as Shiloh’s murderer. But he sure wasn’t going to take the fall himself. And his bungling assassin Bryce didn’t seem to mind framing an innocent party so it worked out well for everyone.

Except of course for poor Sam who now faces imminent arrest from a surly FBI agent who looks like he’s just itching to slap a pair of handcuffs on someone.

Crazy Train

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