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General Hospital Recap: Did Lulu Buy A Clue????

General Hospital Recap February 26General Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for Tuesday, February 26 features a really weird interview in which a serial killer’s supposed near-victim interviews him on live TV because objective journalism is apparently not a thing in Port Charles. (It is a thing in Actual America).

So, Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Peter took the trip over to Ferncliff with Lulu having no idea at all that her mother is now locked in the basement with the real Kevin. In fact, she was there to interview Franco and Peter was along for the ride.

We will assume all of Port Charles tuned in to see Franco glory in being a killer and saying he killed Kiki because she was pretty. But, we only got to see Ryan, Ava, and Julian’s reactions to this.

Ava was beside herself and now fully believes Franco really killed a girl he thought of as a daughter. In fact, she blamed herself, saying that if she never let Franco believe Kiki was his, none of this would have happened.

She then went on to marvel about how he dumped them all and how she’s fallen for too many men who have hurt her, but nope, not Kevin. Julian had to listen to all this because ‘Kevin’ hightailed it over to Ferncliff where he needed to confront Franco.

When the interview was over, Lulu knew something wasn’t quite right about what happened, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Still, thanks for trying, Lulu.

Over at the hospital on our hopsital show, Jason gave Sam the secret signal that Shiloh was watching them kiss, so she smacked Jason to put on a show. Shiloh later told Jason it’s now his job to protect Sam. Alrighty, then.

Kristina thought all of this was fantastic and was SO happy Sam has started to see the light.

Alexis refused to see the light in an office not far away where she had another therapy session. She confessed to her violent past, but refused to take blame her any bad thing she has ever done.

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Video Credit: UHaveMeEveryDay

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