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General Hospital Recap: At Long Last Laura Knows The Truth!

General Hospital Recap February 18General Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for February 18 features Laura following her instincts (and Ryan) and finding out what’s really been going on with her husband all these months. She might not have all the details, but it all started making sense today.

Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) had no idea that Laura (Genie Francis) was right behind him at Ferncliff when he confronted Kevin for lying to him about a pre-nup. Kevin continued to insist there is indeed a pre-nup and tried to buy himself some time by telling his deranged brother it’s in a top secret safe behind his framed certification in his office.

Meanwhile, Laura was trying to get a tour of Ferncliff using her mayoral credentials, but apparently they changed management again and it was a no-go. Finally, she just followed who she thought was Kevin.

When he left a room, she peeked in and saw…Kevin. She knew immediately what was going on and Kevin heard her voice calling for him through the window. But, he’s blind and couldn’t see her.

Then, Laura was on the floor because Ryan found her and injected her with something that probably wasn’t safe.

Back in town, Lulu (Emme Rylan) insisted to Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) that Franco (Roger Howarth) was the killer and that was that. Neither one of them buy it and think Lulu is clearly confused.

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At the proverbial kids’ table, Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) warned Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) how much trouble he will get in when everyone learns he meddled in the election because election meddling shouldn’t be cool in The United States.

At the jailhouse, Franco was horrified when Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) said he should plead guilty to lure out the killer and warned him if he didn’t, he’d go to jail for a very long time. (That wasn’t cool Jordan.)

The Floating Rib was a happening place on Monday where Willow and Chase enjoyed a date, Michael did not enjoy a blind date with a woman who had another date lined up after him. That other date was Alexis’ new therapist and he was apparently too old for Michael’s date. All of it was just very weird.

But, Kim and Alexis made up and Brad and Willow once again freaked out when they once again ran into each other. And, although Julian owns his own PC casual dining establishment, he was also spending the evening at The Floating Rib.

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