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General Hospital Recap (GH): Not A Good Day For Julian (And Carly)


The General Hospital (GH) recap for Wednesday, August 23 features Julian and Carly’s not-so-good-very-bad-days.

Jerome Drama
Julian’s (William deVry) trial continued with a surprise in store. Rudge testified and made Julian seem like a willing accomplice with Olivia (Tonja Walker) when his defense was she was forcing him to do all he did.

Julian could barely stand to listen to what he considered Rudge’s lies and had an outburst in court that could cost him his freedom.

He could also lose his young son now that Ned (Wally Kurth) approached Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) about officially adopting Leo. Alexis was pretty shocked about the idea and they then had a talk about being the offspring of criminals and how she really feels about Julian.

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Carly’s Pretty Ticked
It also looks like Alexis and Julian’s daughter had a lot of explaining to do–to Carly. She told Mrs. Corinthos exactly what she did to Sonny (Maurice Benard), and Carly (Laura Wright) seemed to actually get it, understanding why Jason (Billy Miller) and Sonny didn’t want the cops by Sam (Kelly Monaco) as she recovered.

However, what she did NOT understand is why Sonny and Jason lied to HER. Don’t lie to Carly, guys. She doesn’t like it. In fact, she gets downright angry and there’s no telling what she might say or do. Although people lie to her over and over again.

Look! They’re Happy!
Two people who didn’t lie and seemed to have a good day were Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco (Roger Howarth). They even had a sweet talk with Franco telling Liz about the imaginary friend he used to draw, and Liz admiring a painting of young Franco and said imaginary friend. So, hooray for Liz and Franco.

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