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General Hospital Recap: HOORAY! Felicia Figures It Out!

General Hospital Recap March 4General Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for Monday, March 4 features the Port Charles pals who should have figured this mess out months ago finding light bulbs going off above their heads. And, the fandom rejoiced.

Well, we THOUGHT Felicia (Kristina Wagner) was finally getting a story when Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) turned up alive and well, but nope. It became Ava’s story, and while we love Ava (Maura West), something seemed missing here, so the writers actually slightly redeemed themselves on Monday.

Lucy (Lynn Herring), Mac (John J. York), and Felicia could barely believe that Kevin planned to marry Ava Jerome of all people and Felicia elected herself to confront their old friend.

However, before Felicia arrived, Carly (Laura Wright) had some confronting of her own to do and asked ‘Kevin’ about the patient named Todd Wilson, whom she thinks she saw in Ferncliff.

Ryan gave a perfunctory answer and then proceeded to lock a pregnant Carly in the trunk, duct tape over her mouth and all — just like he fantasized about so many times.

As Ryan waited for his fiance to show, he had to deal with Felicia, who found it awfully strange when he told her none of this was a life or death situation.

Felicia later went back to report her encounter to Lucy and Mac. By then, Anna (Finola Hughes) was suspicious of the fact that Franco (Roger Howarth) had insisted Ryan is alive and the serial killer they’ve all been looking for.

All Felicia had to hear was that to flash back to when Ryan said ‘life or death situation’ to her more than a quarter of a century ago. When Mac and Lucy lamented Kevin didn’t seem like Kevin, she blurted out it’s because he’s not.

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