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General Hospital Recap: Elizabeth Has Some Demands

General Hospital RecapGeneral Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for Tuesday, October 1 features a shock arrest, a voice of reason entering the fray, a delightful daydream and some good old fashioned scheming.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

At the PCPD, Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) revealed that a secondary piece of evidence has surfaced that seems to point to Sam (Kelly Monaco) committing premeditated murder. Subsequently, she presented a recording that featured Sam saying that she wanted to see Shiloh dead.

Sam insisted that she had never said those words and Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) argued that the tape must have been fabricated by the person who provided it to the police. That argument is strengthened when Jordan says DOD devotee Daisy Kwan was the one who handed the device in.

However, forensic audio experts examine the tape — twice — and find no evidence of tampering. With no proof to the contrary, the tape was deemed admissible and Sam was remanded into police custody on a charge of murder.

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A Plea For Sanity

After a troubling run-in with Kim (Tamara Braun) — who continued to conduct a train on the way to crazy town — Terry (Cassandra James) paid a visit to Dranco (Roger Howarth) and shared her opinion that Kim is on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

When Dranco continued to insist that all Kim needed to heal was a life with him, Terry imparted some words of wisdom: “Kim has to move forward if she’s going to survive…If you really love her, you’ll set her free”

Elizabeth also had a plea to Julian. Take Kim and get her the heck out of town. When he said he couldn’t, she told him he’s Julian Jerome — and he can and will do what she said. Good for Elizabeth reminding him who he was.

Alternate Universe

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