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General Hospital Recap: Dangerous Encounters In Port Charles

General Hospital RecapGeneral Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for November 23-27, 2019, features Hayden and Alexis learning a hard truth — the hard way — Dev’s secret being exposed and hard times for Sonny and co.

General Hospital Weekly Recap Highlights

It’s always a good idea to figure out who your real enemies are, lest you fall victim to a rogue element from your own camp. Poor Hayden (Rebecca Budig) didn’t heed the warning, which is how she came to be manipulated out of town by her self serving ex-partner in crime, Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma).

Meanwhile, after much prodding from her main squeeze, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) finally became hip to the fact that sudden bestie Kendra (Michelle Argyris) is probably the one poisoning her with Thallium.

And despite having two mobster exes and a mob enforcer as a son-in-law, Alexis decided that it was perfectly safe for her to tail the suspected Lucrezia Borgia to a nearby cemetery without leaving so much as a note telling anybody what she is doing, why or where she is going.

No, instead she silently crept behind the young woman, spied on her visit to a gravestone than went in for a closer look at just who was planted six feet under. Just as she realized that the deceased in question was Kiefer Bauer, Alexis and her cranium made the acquaintance of the very heavy rock Kendra wielded.

Secrets Revealed

While doing their best to convince Disney + to hire them for a Breakfast Club remake,  Josslyn (Eden McCoy), Trina and Cameron (William Lipton) managed to bully Dev (Aston Arbab) into revealing his illegal status, which lead to a bonding session where they promised to be “all for one, and one for all.”

Tough Call

Mike’s (Max Gail) Alzheimer’s continued to advance this week leading to a number of painful interactions with is family and culminating in Sonny (Maurice Benard) deciding that he father is no longer safe outside the care facility’s walls.

GH Musings

Were you surprised by the fact Cameron and Dev’s favorite flavor of potato chip was the ultra boring “plain?” Can we agree that Josslyn’s choice of salt and vinegar explained a lot about the girl’s personality? Also, how many of you checked out the live-action Lady and the Tramp after that on-air plug?

Now that Julian (William deVry) has sabotaged Brad’s (Parry Shen) car in a bid to off his son-in-law, just how do we think Lucas (Ryan Carnes) will get himself behind the wheel?

Now that Franco has made the decision to undergo the memory mapping procedure, which of the four fates are you placing all your betting money on? General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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