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General Hospital Recap: Cyrus and Peter Figure Out Valentin’s Plan

General Hospital Recap for April 7, 2021

The General Hospital recap for Wednesday, April 7, 2021, features a pair of outlaws getting to the bottom of a problem, Brook Lynn improvising, and Violet asking the hard questions.

General Hospital Recap Highlight

It may have taken the two of them putting their heads together, but Cyrus (Jeff Kober) and Peter (Wes Ramsey) were quick to deduce that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) was working Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) in order to get inside info for Anna (Finola Hughes).

Now, there isn’t much that Cyrus and Peter agree on, but they do agree on the subject of Jason (Steve Burton). They want him well and truly out of the way, so interference will not be tolerated!

Family Ties

Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) and Cyrus have struck a deal. Cyrus won’t touch Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), and he’ll actually arrange some protection for her, and Nik will do his utmost to track down Florence.

Nikolas’s next stop is his auntie’s house – he got to tell her (most of) the good news. He interrupts a Davis girls’ powwow, but they forgive him and offer up some hot chocolate. Everybody’s in a good mood because Molly (Haley Pullos) and T.J. (Tajh Bellow) are probably going to move into Alexis’s house…maybe Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) too, but she’s totally put off by her sister’s hippy-dippy ways.

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A Plethora Of Coincidences

Over at GH, Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) successfully convinced Peter to keep his distance for the baby’s sake. Meanwhile, one cubicle over, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) tried to figure out how to successfully convince a doctor that her excessive padding was actually a baby.

In the end, Brook Lynn managed to wiggle out of her predicament – but only by the skin of her teeth. Thank goodness Maxie’s sonogram was just laying around for the taking! Except Britt was suspicious when Maxie’s went missing. Hmm.

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

She might not yet be 7 (or whatever age she’s supposed to be) but Violet (Jophielle Love) has a sixth sense that would put most grown-ups to shame. She wants to know what exactly is up with Chase (Josh Swickard), Gregory (Gregory Harrison), and her daddy…but truth be told, they’re not even sure.

Chase thinks a family dinner will straighten everything out. Because all problems can be solved with food. But Gregory warns his maybe-not son that he’d better temper his enthusiasm. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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