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General Hospital Recap: All In A Day’s Work For Ava Jerome

General Hospital Recap FridayGeneral Hospital Recap Friday

The General Hospital recap for Friday, May 24 features Jason and Ava doling out some sweet revenge as Stone Cold takes down Shiloh and Queen Ava Jerome tried to take out dastardly doctor Collins.

Jason (Steve Burton) made a beeline for Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and Sam (Kelly Monaco), who were ensconced in the tower’s upper room.

Sam hovered in and out of consciousness while Shiloh began to undress and then kiss her. Jason arrived and beat Shiloh before sending him toppling down the spiral staircase.

Margaux (Elizabeth Henderickson) arrived at the Dawn of Day house where Sonny (Maurice Benard) demanded she reveals Shiloh’s location.

She insisted she had no idea where he was at and refused to believe Sonny when he listed Shiloh’s many criminal activities, arguing that Sonny is only trying to eliminate another positive influence from her life.

Sam checked into the hospital but remained haunted by memories of her sexual assault and narrow escape. A badly injured Shiloh was also brought to the hospital where Sonny threatened him to hand over Kristina’s pledge before an even worse fate could befall him.

Curtis (Donnell L. Turner) ran into Laura (Genie Francis) and implored her to rescind the shoot to kill order on Ryan – he is now Jordan’s only hope.

Lucy (Lynn Herring) arrived and revealed she may know Ava’s (Maura West) location because Ava bought a cabin through her not that long ago. Armed with that knowledge, Curtis took off hoping to beat the police.

At the cabin, Ava trained her gun on Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) and made him detail Kiki’s final moments. Ryan insisted that Kiki cried out for her mother and said she forgave her.

Just as Ava readied herself to pull the trigger, Curtis arrived and begged her to let Ryan live for Jordan’s sake and to honor Kiki’s memory.

The police arrived and cuffed Ryan but Ryan’s boast about her truly loving him lead Ava to pick up his discarded carving knife and thrust it into his back!

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