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General Hospital Ponderings: Was Oscar SORAS’d Off-Screen?

Drew, Shiloh, Kim General HospitalDrew, Shiloh, Kim General Hospital

While learning what happened to Drew before he showed up in Port Charles is something General Hospital fans have longed for, there are so many things that are just wrong with the story — especially the timeline.

OK, let’s get this straight. Almost as soon as we learned the man calling himself Jason Morgan was really his twin Navy SEAL Andrew Cain (Billy Miller), we also learned he fell in love with a woman named Kim while stateside, and then was deployed and unknowingly left her pregnant.

The child from that brief affair was Oscar (Garren Stitt), the teen Josslyn Jax (Eden McCoy) fell in love with and watched die of cancer earlier this year.

However, of late we have learned that in 2012 Andrew Cain was still in Afghanistan and caught military contractor Hank Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) stealing oil in an act of what Drew calls treason.

In flashbacks to a confrontation between the two men (with Drew played by Steve Burton, as Drew would have had Jason’s face then), Hank (or rather, Shiloh, ALWAYS Shiloh) mentioned Drew’s girl back home who was in medical school. Hey, that’s Kim (Tamara Braun), we’re supposed to say, bringing this story kinda full circle.

Yes, Kim. In 2012. Oscar turned 16 this year. 2019. That means he would have been born in 2003 and conceivably conceived in 2002. But, in 2012, an ENTIRE DECADE later, Drew was still thinking about that girl in medical school when Oscar would have been in, we’d say, fourth grade.

So, either Oscar was indeed born in 2003 and Drew pined for the boy’s mother for 10 whole years and 10 whole years later thought she was still in med school. Or, Oscar was born in 2013 and was a wonder child like no other. Or, Oscar was born in 2013 and was SORAS’d off-screen, as his mother ended up on the accelerated course in her med school journey.

Or, um, wait for it — someone somewhere can’t math and didn’t take any of the when Oscar was conceived stuff into consideration when this story was conceived. Cause unless there are way more surprises in store to fix this little story glitch we think — oops, the last scenario might have happened.

While this flash drive story is not turning out quite as we expected (due to Billy Miller’s exit for reasons Kelly Monaco has yet to explain), we thought Oscar’s age wouldn’t be called into question here. But, somehow it is. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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