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General Hospital Poll Results: Who Will Kill Port Charles Baddie Cyrus?

General Hospital Cyrus Question MarkGeneral Hospital Cyrus Question Mark

Cyrus is being a very, very bad boy on General Hospital. And you know what happens to bad people in Port Charles. (Obviously, we mean truly bad people. Not good bad people. You know which ones we mean.)

General Hospital Polling

Bad people on Port Charles get snuffed out and usually in all kinds of glorious ways. Considering so many people want this guy dead, it’s a question of who will get there first. What over 9,000 viewers told us:

T Time

It wasn’t even close, as 63% of you voted for a back-from-the-dead Taggart (Real Andrews). Otherwise, his return would feel even more pointless. Sure, we found out he’s Trina’s (Sydney Mikayla) father.

But with him dead, who cares? If Taggart is alive… and if he rids the world of Cyrus (Jeff Kober), Sonny (Maurice Benard) might even decide he’s a worthwhile human being, after all.

Stop! It’s the Police

Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry ) is a cop. Cops are allowed to kill people. Especially ones that annoy them. And Cyrus definitely annoyed Jordan when he kidnapped TJ (Tajh Bellow). So she’s allowed to kill him, right? That’s how it looks to 16% of the audience, anyway.

Thug At Large

Jason (Steve Burton) isn’t legally allowed to kill people. But, morally, he basically has a free pass. Like Jordan, Jason can kill anyone who he perceives as a threat to his family. Or his loved ones. Or Sonny. Cyrus is a threat to Sonny. A slightly smaller 13% of fans expect Jason to take care of that problem.

All Tied Up

They may be very different people, but Sonny and Laura (Genie Francis) both earned exactly 4% of the vote as Cyrus’s potential executioners.

It makes sense that so few viewers expect Sonny to get his hands dirty. But, Laura? She’s killed before. There was David Hamilton. There was her dad’s girlfriend. There were all her adventures with Luke (Anthony Geary). She is ready to do this! General Hospital airs weekdays. Check your local listing for air times.

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