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General Hospital Poll Results: Time For Joss To Find a New Love?

Cam, Joss, Dev General HospitalCam, Joss, Dev General Hospital

It’s not uncommon for General Hospital characters to fine true, once in a lifetime love… several times in one year. And these are adults. Aren’t teenagers supposed to be even more fickle?

General Hospital Polling

Yet, Oscar (Garren Stitt) shuffled off his mortal coil months ago, and Joss (Eden McCoy) is still in mourning. (Though some of us, parents of teens ourselves, suspect some of her never-ending grief was at least partially connected to wanting to keep skipping school.)

Is it time for her to find a new love? What almost 7,000 fans had to say about the possibility:

Yes, We Cam!

How about that sweet and patient Cameron (William Lipton), 46% of you suggest. He’s been there for Joss all through Oscar’s death throes an after the fact. He helped them commit crimes – and he paid the price.

In Port Charles, the only thing that speaks more to true love is if you commit a crime and don’t get caught. But Cam isn’t a big boy like Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) yet. He still needs to pay his dues. Like we said, he’s patient… but how long is he going to wait for Joss before someone else catches his eye?

Bring In the New

Yes, Joss should find love, 27% of the audience agrees, but it shouldn’t be with someone already on the canvas. It should be somebody new. Surely some character has a nephew or brother or cousin we’ve never met yet. How about them?

Speak Of the Dev

A smaller 20% voted for Turkish street urchin Dev. Joss can be Jasmine to his Alladin. So who does that leave as evil Jafar, standing in the way of their gritty love, Sonny… or Jax (Ingo Rademacher)?

Hold Your Horses

It’s too soon, 10% insist. Adults can hop from partner to partner. But a teen needs to mourn her onetime crush forever.

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