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General Hospital Poll Results: Should Carly Continue to Stand by Sonny?

Sonny and Carly General HospitalSonny and Carly General Hospital

General Hospital supercouple Sonny and Carly showed they were stronger than ever as they worked together to make Mike as comfortable as possible following his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

General Hospital Polling

But the recent escalation of mob wars is putting Carly’s life and the lives of her children in danger. Should Carly pack up the kids and leave? Or should she stick by Sonny despite the potential danger?

Together Forever

The majority of you, just under 70%, feel that yes, Carly should stick by Sonny. He needs her and they can always hire bodyguards to deal with their enemies.

Sure, things are tough, but you don’t throw in the towel just because hails of gunfire can rain down upon you at any moment! Not on General Hospital! Seriously, Sonny and Carly are never stronger than when they’re united. Their foes don’t stand a chance.

Long-Distance Relationship

Many of you, 18%, feel that Carly should stick by Sonny, but she should do so from a distance. She can find a safe house somewhere for herself and her daughters Josslyn (Eden McCoy). Then, she can check in with Sonny via phone or social media. Sonny wants her to be safe, doesn’t he? Maybe it’s time for Carly to walk away — physically if not emotionally.

Not Without My Children

A smaller, but a vocal number of you, about 12%, feel that Carly should pack up and leave. There’s nothing more fierce than a mother’s love for her children as GH has reminded viewers of time and time again. Carly may want to take this opportunity to re-evaluate her life. After all, even if Carly and Sonny survive this current mob war, another will surely come along sooner or later.


Less than 1% of you suggested some other ideas including one in which Carly leaves Sonny — for Jason (Steve Burton)! We can’t see that happening, but the chemistry between those two pals is undeniable. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check local listings for air times. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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