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General Hospital Poll Results: Should Finn Interfere In Chase’s Life?

Chase and Finn General HospitalChase and Finn General Hospital

On General Hospital, even people who shouldn’t have an opinion on the Wiley custody case are, for some reason, required to have an opinion on the Wiley custody case. To that end, Finn knows that Chase and Sasha faked their affair so that Michael and Willow would marry in a fury and form a united front for the judge against Nelle.

General Hospital Polling

Look, nobody is saying that Michael and Willow are capable of thinking for themselves. But it’s not Chase and Sasha’s job to do the thinking for them. And it’s certainly not Finn’s place to step in. Is it? What over 8,000 viewers had to say:

Brother Knows Best

Since Chase (Josh Swickard) is an idiot, 57% assert, it’s up to Finn (Michael Easton) to straighten his brother out. It is up to Fin to force Chase to confess to Willow (Katelyn MacMullen). For some reason or other. We’d like to say Finn is the only adult in the situation. But we haven’t really seen much evidence of that lately. It’s almost like raising a toddler has made him devolve into one.

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Regarding Chase — Hands Off

Actually, it’s none of Finn’s business, 23% of you counter. It is not, as they say, his circus, it is not, as they also say, his monkey. He should take his ball and go home, and any other mixed metaphor you can think of.

Take It Upon Yourself

Forget about what Chase wants, needs or cares about, and take care of this yourself, Finn, the smallest 20% of the audience urge. If Chase won’t tell Willow he only pretended to sleep with Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) for her own good, then Finn should.

Young people today, they don’t know how to live their lives properly. Good thing big brother is here to show him the way. Him being such a well-adjusted individual and all. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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