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Did One of These People Plant the Bomb That Killed Morgan?!

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Port Charles is still reeling after Morgan was killed in a bomb meant for Julian on General Hospital.

Needless to say, Julian Jerome (William deVry) has a lot of enemies who want him dead. The question is, which one was mad enough to rig (or have someone else do it) his car to explode? Soap Hub asked who do you think set the bomb for Julian.

For the Love of Duke
After almost 3,500 votes were tallied, we learned 49% believe Anna (Finola Hughes) might have been the culprit. She did seem awfully upset when she was talking with Griffin (Matt Cohen) at the gym. Could the former spy have been that thirsty for vengeance after the man who ordered the hit on her beloved Duke was set free? It wouldn’t surprise you one bit, because you know how badly her heart was broken when he was ripped away from her. She counted on the courts to serve justice, but she isn’t above delivering it herself if needed.

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A Woman Scorned
It seems that 43% believe that legal eagle Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) could have done the deed. After all, Julian did try to murder her with the same weapon used by Helena to kill her own mother! How low can a husband go?! He betrayed her trust, tried to make her take the fall for his own crimes, and then wanted to murder her. Who could blame Alexis if she got freaked out enough (and she could have done it while drunk and not even remember!) to order the hit on her ex?

Ultimate Horror
It’s surprising that only 8% believe it was Sonny (Maurice Benard) who set the bomb, considering he obviously thinks he was the one. He did try to call off the hit, but you still believe it was on his order that this all went down. He wanted to protect his family, and instead, he ended up being the one to kill his own son.

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