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What Should Sonny Do Next on General Hospital?

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On General Hospital, Sonny is sitting in jail because he confessed to being responsible for his son’s death.

While Jason (Billy Miller) believes the hit-man arranger that Sonny’s hit was called off, Sonny remains in prison for now. But what’s going to happen to Sonny after all is said and done? Soap Hub asked what you want to see next for Sonny.

Get His Wife Back
After over 3,000 votes were tallied, 69% want Sonny to concentrate on getting Carly (Laura Wright) back. You know that if he can get back with his wife, his life will turn back around.

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After all, Carly takes good care of him and understands exactly who he is and what he needs. They’ve been through hell since Morgan’s death, but they need to find their way out of the hell together – not apart.


Seek Out Help
It seems 27% feel that Sonny needs to get out and get counseling. Perhaps he should make an appointment with Andre (Anthony Montgomery) as soon as he can. Sure, he may not have been perfect for Morgan but he did help him a lot.

Frankly it was Ava’s (Maura West) fault anyway for switching Morgan’s meds. Andre could help Sonny understand the demons that are still in him, and can help him work his way back into his family’s good graces. Better yet – he can help Sonny…continue reading on the next page —>

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