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General Hospital Moments in History: Sean and Tiffany’s Wedding


Many dramatic secrets come out during soap opera wedding ceremonies. However, Sean and Tiffany’s wedding day on General Hospital will always be remembered for the hilarious moment that took place when the bride and groom were exchanging vows.

General Hospital Moment In History

The year was 1998, December 23 to be exact, and Sean (played by John Reilly, who passed away recently) and Tiffany (Sharon Wyatt) were finally taking the plunge. The ceremony took place at the Quartermaine mansion, but it almost didn’t happen as the ‘happy’ couple were bickering as they walked down the stairs and into the Q’s living room. (Tiff was miffed that her groom had made a few insensitive remarks leading up to the big day.)

As they joined all the attendees, Sean snarked that someone Tiffany’s age shouldn’t be so picky. Tiff was so annoyed viewers expected her to call the whole thing off. The officiator could tell something was up, but he proceeded with the service.

What occurred next resulted in the groom, the wedding party, and many guests cracking up with laughter. As viewers know, Tiffany was a B-movie actress when she was introduced to the show in 1981. So, it was only natural to reveal that “Tiffany Hill” was a screen name. Sean — and viewers — learned during the ceremony, courtesy of the officiator, that Tiff’s birth/legal handle was — wait for it — “Elsie Mae Cruholtz!”

“Who? Who?” Sean asked. “Elsie Mae Crumholtz, isn’t that correct?” the minister said. “Just get on with it,” Tiffany said, lowering her voice, confirming that Elsie Mae was indeed her true name.

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When Sean heard his bride’s actual name, he simply couldn’t contain his laughter. The chuckles turned infectious as everyone else started laughing, too. Well, not everyone. Tiffany’s parents were not amused. Prim and proper Lila Quartermaine (Anna Lee) remained composed, focused on the seriousness of the gathering. Tiffany, too, was not laughing. She was not happy that her legal name came to light in this fashion.

But, the important thing is the bride and groom went through with the ceremony and were pronounced husband and wife. The officiator said: “Sean, you may kiss El– oh, er, ah, the bride.”

Sean leaned in for the smooch, but Tiffany hesitated, still half-furious with Sean and still half-mortified. “Oh, come on, Elsie Mae,” he teased. Then, the newlyweds kissed!

Sean and Tiffany’s wedding is fondly — and hilariously — recalled because of the Elsie Mae reveal. Kudos to Reilly for delivering guffaw after guffaw, which was necessary to sell the moment. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check local listings for airtimes.

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