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Michael BLASTS Sonny For Turning In Jax On General Hospital (GH)

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Sonny recorded Jax’s confession about buying Josslyn’s kidney, forcing his son Dante to arrest his rival — as Carly looked on helplessly.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) was only at Carly’s apartment because Michael had tipped him off that Sonny was in a bad state.

So, when Michael learned what his father had done, he did something that almost no one ever does — he called his father on his utter hypocrisy. And it was glorious!

As Sonny (Maurice Benard) defended himself, he insisted that Jax broke the law and should pay for it.

Gee Sonny, like you have paid for the gazillion crimes you’ve committed? Just when it looked like Sonny’s utter nonsense was going to go unchallenged once again, Michael lit into him.

He reamed Sonny out, saying he didn’t care what Jax did — Sonny should have covered for him. Jax (Ingo Rademacher) is his sister Josslyn’s father. Michael asked the mob boss if he remembered the crimes that he committed.

Still, the best was when Michael, finally showing the bravado of someone who grew up as the son of Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright), said to his father, “You better pray that I can clean this up because if Jax goes to prison, Mom’s never going to forgive you. Neither is anybody else.”

Of course what Jax did wasn’t morally right but anyone can understand the drive to break the law to save a daugther. What Sonny did was purely the act of a petulant child who got ticked off someone else played with his toy (a rather crass way to refer to Carly, but you get the idea).

Sonny is rarely forced to suffer the consequences of his actions. It will be interesting to the family reacts the way Michael’s predicted — and how long a freeze-out of Sonny can keep going.

Even more interesting will be to see how Sonny reacts — and if he does anything to try to change. We won’t be holding our collective breath, though.

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