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General Hospital Memorable Characters: John ‘Jagger’ Cates

who is john jagger cates on general hospital.Jagger is back in town.

John “Jagger” Cates debuted on General Hospital back in 1992 and was played by Antonio Sabato, Jr. The character made his return on the February 2, 2024 episode of GH as an FBI agent who foiled Anna and Jordan’s undercover operation and is now being played by Adam Harrington.

Jagger was the oldest of three children in his family and lived much of his young life on the streets. He and his siblings, Michael (also known as Stone) and Gina, were orphaned as children and ultimately separated. He went on to become an iconic General Hospital character.

Jagger fell in with a bad crowd and in order to survive, he had to take on a tough street persona, hence the nickname, Jagger. He blew into the town of Port Charles in 1992 and met Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne), a good girl with her own secrets.

Jagger and some other street kids broke into Kelly’s and attempted to rob the diner. Although he was there under suspicious circumstances, he tried to protect Ruby from his rough pals. In doing so, he was shot and sent to General Hospital.

When bad-boy Jagger Cates met Karen Wexler his life changed for the better. (Photo Credit: NBC)

There, police threatened to arrest Jagger if he didn’t turn in his “friends.” He attempted to escape the hospital to avoid arrest, but Karen found him. The pair quickly formed a bond and she convinced him to stay.

One of his pals, Cal, believed that Jagger ratted him out for the crime and threatened to kill him.

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Ruby eventually forgave him, giving him a place to live, as well as a job. He soon started classes at Port Charles High and became closer to Karen, but at the time she was Jason Quartermaine’s (Steve Burton) girl.

Jagger also dated Brenda Barrett, who attempted to steal his love from Karen. (Photo Credit: ABC)

Jagger began dating Brenda Barrett, but still had feelings for Karen and they eventually got together.

After high school, Jagger decided to become a police officer and Karen got a scholarship to study medicine.

On their wedding day, Karen’s mother, Rhonda, revealed that Karen’s father was Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner). After they married, the couple moved to San Francisco where Karen attended medical school and Jagger became a cop.

Now he is back and who knows what he will be up to next.

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