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GH’s Matt Cohen Wants Griffin’s Love Interest to be….Anna!

Matt Cohen on General HospitalMatt Cohen on General Hospital

The truth is really out there now about hunky General Hospital doctor/priest Griffin Munro. He was intimate with Nathan’s then-wife Claudette, faced Nathan’s gun-toting wrath, and now the good doctor feels horrible about the whole thing.

Quite the Secret
The good news is that the GH scribes have loaded the good doctor with lots of backstory, and his portrayer, Matt Cohen, couldn’t be happier.

“He’s such a conflicted character,” Cohen says of his Port Charles persona. “I want to do him just as a neurosurgeon, and for the people who relate to him as a priest. I want it all to make sense.”

Even if he ends up falling in love with someone else on the canvas?

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“If he falls in love, I want it to be 100% real,” Cohen says. “It can’t be just, ‘Oh, let’s have the locker room scene.’ People have asked me what’s happening with your love storyline. I say, ‘I’m a priest! Yes, [Griffin] has stepped away from the church, but he hasn’t forgotten everything he believes in. He has to make it work.”

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As loyal soap fans know, priest characters don’t often stay true to their vow of celibacy. Just ask Days of our Lives’ Eric or Loving’s Jim Vochek. So which Port Charles beauty might Griffin remove his collar for permanently?

A New Love Interest?
“I think he’s still in love with [Claudette],” Cohen muses. And, while both she and Maxie (especially if she keeps having fights with Nathan) are both potential love interests, Cohen admits he wouldn’t mind being paired with Finola Hughes’s Anna upon her return to the show.

“From the beginning, I’ve said I wish [Anna] weren’t [essentially] Griffin’s stepmother,” the actor says. “I wish she could be my love interest. I know there’s an age difference, but she’s gorgeous! I respond to her in every aspect as a man. [Finola’s] husband is a lucky man. I tell my wife that.”

While a Griffin/Anna pairing might cause Duke (Ian Buchanan) to roll over in his grave, Cohen hopes that wouldn’t be the case, mostly because he’d be thrilled to see dear old dad somehow return to the land of the living. (This would be a stretch given that Anna spent time with a deceased Duke at GH before his body was taken away, but this is a show that has resurrected Anna, Robert, A.J., Laura, Ava and so many other characters over the years.)

Dear Old Dad
“I met Ian briefly at a…party,” shares Cohen, who told Buchanan that he played his son. “He gave me a big smile and said, ‘Wow, what a lucky guy I am!’ Ian’s honest and charming. Fin has praised him so much to me. I realized I have a great TV dad.”

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