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Which Man Should Be With General Hospital’s Elizabeth?

General HospitalGeneral Hospital's Griffin, Elizabeth, and Franco

We’ve watched Elizabeth grow up before our eyes on General Hospital, going from a rebellious teenager to a responsible (albeit devious) nurse and mother.

She has had great love and horrible disappointments over the years. Her love for Lucky Spencer was legendary, while her liaison with Jason (Billy Miller) brought out a nasty side we weren’t prepared for.

Through it all, she has tried to get back on her feet and forge a life for herself and her boy. Soap Hub asked you which man you think should be with Liz and the answer is a bit surprising.

Perfect Father Material
After over 4,500 votes were tallied, a surprising 42% of you chose former priest (at least we think he’s former – did he ever go through with that?) Griffin, as the right man for Liz. The good doctor has a kind heart and is hurting after losing the young girl he thought was his daughter.

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No worries – how about three boys instead? And you don’t have to worry about the kiddies being attached to their dad because all three have a different one! They should accept you, Griffin (Matt Cohen), in no time flat!

Stay Single
It seems that 31% believe Liz (Rebecca Herbst) needs to go it alone for a while. You feel she has been in over her head, bouncing from manipulating poor Jason to hooking up with a former serial killer.

Wasn’t her life with Ric (Rick Hearst) enough of that kind of personality…continue reading on the next page —>

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