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General Hospital Halloween: Should Helena Rise From the Dead?

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A phone call to Peter suggested that Helena is still alive on General Hospital. While at first we wondered if this was a Halloween trick or a treat fans have been clamoring for, we eventually learned that it was really just Sam and Spinelli setting up Peter.

General Hospital Polling

But this IS Helena we’re talking about and the possibility of her being alive isn’t something we’d put past the matriarch of the Cassadine Clan. So we asked over 2,000 fans if they think she could actually still be alive. And they didn’t hold back in answering!

Ding Dong the Witch Is….

Most sincerely dead, 62% of the General Hospital audience says. And you would like her to stay that way. We really don’t need her on the canvas. If it’s a Cassadine fix you’re craving, we’ve got Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) for the bad, and Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) for the not exactly but he’s got potential good. And Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) for good measure.

Helena would just come in and start giving orders and making demands. Besides, the love of her life, Luke (Anthony Geary) isn’t around for her to snark with. So what’s the point? Unless she finally rids Port Charles of Sonny (Maurice Benard). If she can do that, maybe a day pass from hell is warranted.

Fly Swatter

A little less than half, 28% of you want Helena (Constance Towers) back for one reason and one reason only – to take down Peter (Wes Ramsey). The smug, gravelly-voiced bastard has gotten away with too much for too long.

If Faison (Anders Hove) couldn’t get him, and Anna (Finola Hughes) wouldn’t get him, Helena can and will. Plus, the idea of her working alongside Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) to make it happen is really hysterical.

Helena — Mother Dearest

Valentin grew up thinking he was Mikkos’s bastard. But it turns out he’s Helena’s. And 10% would like to see that story play out to its natural conclusion. Which is: The town/country/planet ain’t big enough for the both of us.

One of them has to go, and whether you hope the last Cassadine standing will be Valentin or Helena, you know the battle to the death will be entertaining! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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