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Paging Dr. Bensch: General Hospital Fans DE-MAND DePaiva


One Life To Live veteran James DePaiva de-buted (OK, promise, that will be the last one) as Dr. Bensch on General Hospital (GH) in July.

His first act was to totally misdiagnose Sam (Kelly Monaco). He then suggested Kiki (Hayley Erin) should consider attending medical school. After all, if they give quacks like him a license, they’ll give one to anybody. He also hit on Jordan (Vinessa Antoine). Aaaaaand that’s it.

Kind of a letdown after the big buildup, and certainly a waste of a major soap star’s talents… and popularity.

Do fans want to see more of DePaiva in Port Charles? Over 3,000 voted — do they de-sire it? (So I lied, so there was one more.)

To the Max!
Yes, you want to see James DePaiva on General Hospital, but 58% of you would ditch the doctor and have him come back as Max Holden (ABC has the rights back from Prospect Park for both OLTL and All My Children now, so it’s free to bring on any characters they like).

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Your scenario has Max working undercover as an M.D. in a sleepy upstate New York town. Which would explain why he did such a rotten job taking care of Sam. He’s faking the whole thing. How very, very Max.

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Doctor
Hold the Max, and hold the bigger role, counter 41% of the fans. If you ever think of Max, you prefer thinking of him as hanging around Llanview, maybe looking to get Blair (Kassie DePaiva) back now that, the last time we saw him, Todd (Roger Howarth) had taken yet another powder.

You certainly don’t want Max in Port Charles. And you don’t want to see more of Dr. Bensch, either. Tiny doses are fine. It’s always fun to remember the show is actually set in a hospital, not an endless mob war. But let’s leave ’em wanting more, OK?

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