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General Hospital (GH) Recap: The Search For Henrik Takes Its Toll On Anna

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The General Hospital (GH) recap for Thursday, May 3 features Anna trying to outsmart Jason but she may not have done a good a job as she thought.

Anna (Finola Hughes) suggested pretending to be Henrik’s mom, rather than putting an innocent in danger. Jason (Steve Burton) asked what will they do if the real mother reads Lulu’s article so Anna said they should act fast.

He suggested they clue in Lulu but Anna nixed it. She asked for Peter’s help and he refused, so she didn’t want to put Lulu in that position.

Claiming it’s too dangerous because she’s too close to it, Jason warned he might try to kill her. He asked if she would be willing to defend herself and said he couldn’t let her risk her life because of Robin.

Anna promised to let him know if they make contact, but his words obviously hit home.

Suspicious Minds
Maxie (Kirsten Storms) asked Peter (Wes Ramsey) to find out who set up an anonymous fund for Nathan. He said it was the offshore accounts of P.K. Sinclair.

Maxie freaked out and went to Nathan’s grave to talk it over with him. She told him she wasn’t sure she had the strength to be kind to his brother.

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Love And Marriage
Nina (Michelle Stafford) learned Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) leaves flowers at Nathan’s grave every day. She told him Peter has a file on Nathan and that Curtis has teamed up with Sam to learn more.

Val later warned Peter he was sloppy — but Peter said he had it all under control. Later, he found Nina in his office, and she railed at him.

Drew (Billy Miller) told Curtis (Donnell Turner) about his divorce, while Curtis told him about asking Jordan to marry him and that she didn’t really answer. Drew advised him to go for what he wants, while Curtis gave Drew the number of an attorney.

Confronting The Past
Franco (Roger Howarth) told Liz (Rebecca Herbst) about calling Jim Garvey’s victims. He could feel their rage and didn’t want to be like that. He felt good about giving them closure, but one texted back, wanting to meet.

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