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General Hospital (GH) Fans And Port Charles Knew He Wasn’t Jason All Along, Right?

General Hospital, Steve Burton, Billy MillerGeneral Hospital, Steve Burton, Billy Miller

Now that the Steve Burton version of Jason is back on General Hospital (GH), the good people of Port Charles are insisting they always knew something was off about the Billy Miller version. Doesn’t that seem awfully convenient?

But are they telling the truth, or just telling themselves stories to assuage their guilt about having been taken in by an impostor? Or, is this just a simple way to re-write the last two years of “OF COURSE this guy is Jason” story?

Were the fans ahead of the characters all along? Here’s what over 4,000 daily viewers had to say about that.

I Knew It All Along!
Of course, he wasn’t the real Jason, cheer an even 50% of you! How could he be, when Miller’s Jason didn’t worship at the shrine of Sonny (Maurice Benard)? When he didn’t leap back into mob life? When he was civil to Monica (Leslie Charleson)?

And, most incriminating, when he was willing to put an end to all his criminal activities in order to protect his wife, Sam (Kelly Monaco), and their children, Danny and Scout.

When the real Jason returned, he promptly undid all that damage. He went running straight to Sonny to beg his forgiveness for having gotten shot and leaving Sonny to fend for himself all those years. That’s the Stone Cold we know and love!

But, But, But….
But wasn’t it Carly (Laura Wright) who first insisted Jake Doe was Jason and pushed Sam to reunite with him? Wasn’t it Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) who recognized him from behind? Wasn’t it Danny who kept insisting he knew the man under the bandages?

All of that happened onscreen, recall an equal 50%. You saw it happen. It was everyone else who convinced Jake he was Jason, not the other way around. How can they possibly be saying now that this Jason never felt right to them from the start?

It can’t be bad writing. So should we just assume Jerry Jax has slipped some kind of amnesia drug into the water?

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