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So, What REALLY Happened During Jason’s Missing Years?

General Hospital, Steve BurtonGeneral Hospital, Steve Burton

Jason is back on General Hospital (GH) — well, at least a Jason-looking fellow who thinks he’s Jason is back! You can’t be too careful about these things.

But where has this version of Jason (Steve Burton) been for the last half a decade? Do fans want to know? Here’s what almost 5,000 said to us about it.

Tell Me More, Tell Me More
Yes! Tell us, plead 90% of you! We want to know everything! Was he being held by Helena — which would explain Jake’s memories of having seen him. Was he working as a spy for the Russians — which would explain his presence in a St. Petersburg clinic.

Was he brainwashed into thinking he was a small-town cop whose wife stole her ex-husband’s baby and passed him off as their own? Was he having weird dreams about dating a girl who was half-alien and whose father lived in a plastic cube and sounded like Burt Reynolds (this happened, look it up).

The most important thing fans want to know about Jason’s missing years is whether he might have children out there.

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Because there certainly aren’t enough paternity puzzles and baby mamas coming out of the woodwork on the canvas as it is….

Fans Love a Mystery!
No, counter a more patient 10%. Let’s play the long game on this one and leave Jason’s past a mystery. You enjoy speculating, and it adds a new layer and aura to the already monosyllabic hitman.

Jason was never the type to blab what he was thinking or feeling. Why should he start now?

Besides, why not let him get more deeply entrenched into the canvas, have Sam (Kelly Monaco) decide which Jason she wants, have Liz (Rebecca Herbst) decide which brain-damaged sociopath she wants, and THEN bring on the baby mamas, the missing children, and all the angst that comes with them!

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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