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General Hospital Fans Are Raging Against Julian!!!

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The mob is just a part of everyday life on “General Hospital” with some wives able to turn the other cheek on what their husbands do and others who can’t.

Unlike Carly (Laura Wright), Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is definitely one woman who can’t accept being married to the mob. In fact, if she thought that’s what was happening, she never would have said “I do” to Julian (William deVry) this past February. However, she might have been having a temporary moment of love blind insanity when she took her vows because everyone knows the head a crime family can never truly leave his position.

Things should have been obvious to Alexis that her marriage wouldn’t get far when a crazed gunman took the wedding party and guests hostage just after she and Julian said their vows. But nope, that wasn’t a clue to Alexis that her marriage was doomed. And, even when it became obvious Julian would do anything to stop Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) from talking, she still lived in denial-until now. Alexis has finally opened her eyes and Julian better watch out.

Soap Hub asked if you think our good attorney should forgive her criminal husband for his murderous transgressions or throw him out for good.

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Out of nearly 7,000 votes, 84% of you think Alexis should never, ever forgive this man who promised her so much and then lied in her face. Using the dagger that killed Alexis’ mother to kill Carlos was the last straw in your eyes. When she learns what weapon he used, it will cut like a knife–pun intended.

A smaller 11% of diehard Julexis fans think Alexis should forgive her husband. After all, she knew what she did in the past and what he would do to protect his family and freedom. None of this should come as a surprise to her.

The final 6% don’t even care. You never liked this couple and can’t believe Alexis fell for his lies now for months. You feel both characters are ruined and want to move onto other stories.

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