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General Hospital Fans Pick a Love Interest for Dr. Griffin Munro

General HospitalGeneral Hospital

There’s a new doc in town and any handsome General Hospital doctor needs a good woman on his side. Dr. Griffin Munro seems to come with no strings attached, so it’s time to get down to playing matchmaker for this hot new catch.

Soap Hub wanted to know who you think would love to get to know Dr. Munro and his charming bedside manner. We gave you some choices, but you also had your own ideas.

With 56% of the vote, it looks like many fans really want Nurse Elizabeth Webber to move on with her life with someone who is NOT Jason Morgan. You’ve already seen some chemistry between Griffin and Liz and would love the writers to explore something more between them. Liz has made some poor romantic choices in her life, and if Lucky won’t return, Dr. Munro could be the man to sweep her off her feet.

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About 33% of you
want Kiki to stay FAR away from Morgan–and all the Corinthos men for that matter, as they’ve brought her nothing but bad luck. Dr. Munro may have a doctor-patient connection with Sonny, but as of now, we don’t think they’re related. Therefore, you’d like to see if poor Kiki can find happiness with a GH doctor.

A small 6% of you would like to see what would happen with a Griffin and Valerie pairing. You’re happy to see her take some large steps far away from Dante, but feel Curtis may be a bit too old. It would certainly be an interesting pairing, but Griffin and Val have yet to cross paths.

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Some other single
(or maybe not-so-single) lady fan picks include Olivia, Kristina, Carly, and Lulu. It seems GH’s new doc definitely has fans’ heads (and hearts) working overtime, and we know whoever catches Griffin’s eye will be one lucky woman, indeed.

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