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No General Hospital Waste: The Case for Curtis

General Hospital star Donnell TurnerGeneral Hospital star Donnell Turner

When Donnell Turner arrived on our General Hospital screens earlier this year, we knew the show had given us quite a find. The problem is, all these months later, they still haven’t figured out what to do with him.

A Fascinating Past
Brought on as Jordan’s brother-in-law and a possible criminal (he did manage to get evidence out of the PCPD rather easily), we have since learned Curtis is a former cop and former cocaine addict with an absolute heart of gold.

A Lackluster Romance
However, we still haven’t figured out why GH can’t find the right love interest for him. The writers have toyed with Hayden, toyed with Jordan, and threw him in a lackluster romance with the lackluster Valerie, but Curtis and Turner deserve more. Much more.

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So, let’s discuss Valerie for a minute. We have nothing against the stunning and talented Brytni Sarpy, but we still know less about her than we do about Curtis and she’s been around for nearly a year longer. We know she’s Luke’s never-before-heard-of-niece and she has a criminology degree. We don’t know anything about how she grew up, her past romances, or who her father is. We barely saw her relationship with Curtis develop on-screen, but we have seen her jealous of every woman he ever shares a conversation with. The one thing we DO know about Valerie is that she likes men who aren’t really into her, and she has a jealous streak. Oh, and she does NOT work with Curtis.

The Potential Is There
However, there’s no denying the chemistry Turner has shared with both Rebecca Budig and Michelle Stafford (Nina). Of course, there’s no denying the chemistry between Budig and Michael Easton’s Finn, so we’re satisfied keeping them as besties. However, Franco is now off in Liz Land, making Nina available. Come on, GH, give them a whirl. And, if that doesn’t work out, explore more of Curtis’s past. There’s so much to this character and actor that we can’t wait to see. Let’s not allow a find like Donnell Turner go to waste.

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