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Burn, Baby, Burn: Has Ava Paid Enough For Her Crimes?

General HospitalHas Ava paid enough for her crimes?

Ava did one of the most heinous things imaginable on General Hospital (GH) when she replaced Morgan’s bipolar meds with placebos. It sent him on a downward spiral that led to his death.

After finally having her secret revealed, she was confronted by Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright). Fighting back, she threw a lantern down and ended up caught in the fire it created. Now she has suffered — with burns over half of her body.

Her recovery will be a long one — if she even makes it without getting dying from an infection.

Soap Hub asked fans if that’s payment enough for the havoc she wreaked. It seems like there wasn’t a clear consensus.

Debt Paid in Full
After over 7,000 votes were tallied, 41% believe that her burns are horrific enough and she’s paid enough.

You know that Ava (Maura West) will continue to pay for months, maybe even years now thanks to the incredible amount of pain that accompanies burns. Enough.

Throw the Book At Her
Coming in second by a hair with 40% was the contingent who believes it wasn’t enough – she still needs to go to jail. The pain that Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly went through over the loss of their son was even more horrific. They deserve justice for Morgan.

Jury Is Out
Only 20% refuse to choose a side here and feel that they can’t make a choice. Maybe it’s still too early to tell if she’ll bounce back meaner than ever. Or maybe you also feel horrible for Kiki (Hayley Erin), since she’s caught in the middle of it.

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