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What’s Ahead For Alexis and Julian?

General HospitalAlexis and Julian on General Hospital

On General Hospital, Alexis and Julian have the usual marriage problems. A shootout at their wedding, a daughter with a husband back from the dead, mob wars, and him trying to kill her. Any couple could relate.

Now, Alexis has taken to alcohol to deal with the fact that she married the “bad” mobster, while thinking he was a “good” mobster, like the one who fathered her middle daughter. A common error.
But, eventually, she’ll need to sober up and decide on how to deal with her situation like an adult. Almost 3,000 of you had some advice for Alexis and Julian on the future of their union.

Love and Death
Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) may have forgiven Julian for all the people he’d killed when they weren’t together (she assumed he must have had a very good reason and didn’t bother pressing for details).

However, 43% of fans aren’t quite as ready to forgive Julian for trying to kill her (or for his ignorance in believing that a woman her age could be spontaneously pregnant). They want Julian to pay and having to stay married to Alexis doesn’t count.

Dry Goods
But 35% of you, however, think Julian (William deVry) owes Alexis for everything he put her through.

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They insist he needs to help Alexis get sober (though how is having him around to remind Alexis of everything he put her through, which is what drove her to drink in the first place, supposed to do that, exactly?), and then walk away like a gentleman.

Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong
And then there are the 22% of viewers who are true romantics. They believe Alexis and Julian belong together.
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It’s Port Charles! Really, what couple hasn’t tried to kill each other? Are you suggesting violence might not be a sign of affection? Just wait, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome will totally prove you wrong!

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