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General Hospital’s Alexis Celebrates 20 Years in Port Charles

Nancy Lee Grahn on General HospitalNancy Lee Grahn on General Hospital

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since Alexis Davis stepped into her first Port Charles courtroom on General Hospital.

Originally appearing in town in 1996 to defend Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) for stalking Felicia (Kristina Wagner), Alexis has gone on to defend most of Port Charles for one crime or another – especially Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Along the way, she has fallen in and out of love, escaped one wedding and one husband trying to kill her, discovered long lost siblings, and had three daughters (one before she came to town) by three different men.

Family Puts Fun in Dysfunction
Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is the illegitimate daughter of one of the most notorious and hated Port Charles villains ever – Mikkos Cassadine – with his mistress Kristin Nilsson. He was married to Helena Cassadine when Alexis was born, and Helena eventually killed her mother and has tried to kill Alexis. She thought the late Stefan was her cousin but he turned out to be her half-brother. Stefan looked out for her when they were kids, and he was the one who helped with her education. Nephew Nikolas was always dear to her, and she helped out with his business interests as the family lawyer.

Nancy Lee Grahn on General Hospital

Alexis has three daughters by three different men. Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) dad is Julian, Kristina’s is Sonny, and Molly is Ric’s daughter. They are the true loves her life. Thanks to Sam, she’s about to have a second grandchild. She already has Danny.

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Oh, Those Men…
Over 20 years, Alexis has run the gamut with the men in her life. She does seem to have a thing for bad boys – especially mobsters like Sonny, Julian (William deVry), Shawn, and Jerry Jax. Ric is a bit questionable, but she has loved good men like Ned, briefly married best friend Jax (platonic), and had flirtations with therapist Cameron Lewis, as well as Mac Scorpio. She was set to marry Ned but became the runaway bride, fleeing the ceremony. Too bad she didn’t marry him and flee Julian instead, since he would later try to murder her.

Letter of the Law
Alexis defines herself by her career as a lawyer – it means everything to her. But that hasn’t stopped the attorney from crossing to the other side of the law from time to time. Forget her recent issues that got her license suspended, there are a host of other things she has done. She pushed Luis Alcazar off a balcony, pretended to have multiple personalities to get out of doing time for his murder, attempted to kill Helena (who could blame her though?), altered records, attempted stabbing, killed Keifer Bauer with her car, yadda yadda yadda. Yet there is no other lawyer — sorry Diane (Carolyn Hennessy) — that most of Port Charles would want defending them more than Alexis. Here’s to 20 more years!

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