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All That Friz: The Love Story of Franco and Elizabeth on General Hospital

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It’s going to be a week to remember for Franco and Elizabeth on General Hospital, and while their path to love hasn’t been easy, it looks like they’re facing their toughest challenge yet now that Franco has been arrested for Port Charles’ latest serial killer. (He wasn’t even their last serial killer. That was Paul Hornsby.)

In celebration of their love, let’s remember how they got to this point.

In the Beginning
Franco (Roger Howarth) started his time in Port Charles as a serial killer who kidnapped Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) son, Aiden, but then we learned he had a brain tumor — and once it was removed, he had a new lease on life.

Several years later and Liz had been dumped by Drew, who thought he was Jason at the time.

Franco felt bad for Liz and took her to the Nutcracker Charity Ball, despite her reservations since she remembered what he had once done to her son. However, when her other son, Jake, needed help with PTSD, Franco suggested he would help the boy with art therapy.

The Art of Possibilities
Jake and Franco became close during those sessions. Franco and Liz also became friends and eventually, he ended his romance with Nina.

On Elizabeth and Franco’s first date, he took her to his art studio and showed her a painting he made of her. This touched Elizabeth — having been a painter herself years ago.

Is This Love?
Liz was still wary about his past. She had to think of her boys and worried about Franco’s influence on them but he was already close to Jake and Aiden adored him. Even Cameron came around.

In the Doghouse
Liz was raped as a teen and her rapist was finally released from prison. Franco put the man in a dog crate in order to torture him but when the guy turned up dead, Franco was of course blamed.

Liz realized Tom’s brother was the culprit, and then Franco saved her! Soon after, they admitted their feelings and made love for the first time.

The Earth Moved
Franco moved in with Elizabeth and her boys, and each took turns asking the other to marry them with Liz going first. They were supposed to wed nearly a year ago, but an earthquake trapped Franco.

Eventually, Franco recalled he was molested as a child, and Liz was there for him. They wanted to try to marry again but after Kiki was murdered, they postponed it yet again. Will something finally happen to change that soon?

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