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Franco Flashback: Do We Really Want to Learn More About His Past?

General Hospital’s (GH) Franco had a terrible childhood. Of course, he did. He grew up to be a terrible human being.

Granted, starting out with Heather (Robin Mattson) and Scott’s (Kin Shriner) genes didn’t help.

Though, for the record, Heather didn’t have too bad of a childhood. Her biggest tragedy was the embarrassment of having a mother who was a maid. And Scott was raised by the only sometimes alcoholic Lee Baldwin. Which throws the whole nature versus nurture argument up in the air.

In any case, Franco (Roger Howarth) had bad DNA, a bad upbringing, and lived a pretty bad life. But then that tumor was taken out of his head, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) came into his life, and now he’s just delightfully quirky.

One such quirk is his inability to remember who that kid who looks just like Jason Quartermaine is, in the picture of Franco as a little boy. Franco thought it was his imaginary friend. But imaginary friends don’t tend to turn up in photographs.

Are you interested in learning more about Franco’s past? Here’s what almost 6,000 had to say:

Past Imperfect
Bring it on, shout 81% of you! But make it stick this time! First, Franco is Jason’s twin, then he’s Heather and Scott’s love child (conceived before the two ever met) given up for adoption. If you tell us anymore, can we make sure it’s accurate first?

Who Cares?
A disgusted 12% of the audience know who Franco is. He’s a psycho killer who set Michael (Chad Duell) up to be raped in prison and terrorized Sam (Kelly Monoco). He could have had the most horrific childhood in history, and you still won’t forgive him a darn thing.

It All Depends On…
…Jason! For 5%, the only thing you want to know about Franco’s past is what it has to do with the guy who looks like Jason. If it unlocks that mystery, then you might consider paying attention.

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