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The Last Straw: Will Anna Ever Forgive Valentin on General Hospital (GH)?

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General Hospital (GH) threw fans for a loop and a half when they revealed that not only had Anna once slept with her obsessive sociopath stalker, Faison, but she’d also given birth to his son, who she then gave up for adoption. And kept the secret for multiple decades.

The reveal that Peter (Wes Ramsey) was that boy all grown up, and that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) knew all about it.

This was less than a surprise, because Valentin apparently did all sorts of things in the past before anyone knew he existed – like conceive Charlotte (Scarlet Fernandez) and fall in love with Anna (Finola Hughes).

Now that everyone in Port Charles know the truth, the question remains: Will Anna forgive Valentin for his plotting and deception? Here’s how almost 7,000 fans feel about that:

Burn Him at the Stake!
For 75% of you, Valentin has always been and always will be unforgivable. The man doesn’t just lie because he feels he needs to, or even because he likes it, but merely because it’s what he does.

He can’t stop. He lies to people he hates, he lies to people he claims to love, and when he’s called on it, he cries crocodile tears about being a miserable, disfigured child, and plays a Billy Joel song.

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Well, Anna isn’t Nina (Michell Stafford). She can’t be bought off with tears. Or a Billy Joel song. And if Anna has her way with Valentin, not only the good will die young.

Sucker Bet
Anna hasn’t exactly led a pristine life either, 24% of the audience remind ux. She’s been forgiven for some pretty terrible things herself, including treason, faking her death, and hiding Robin (Kimberly McCullough) from Robert (Tristan Rogers).

Plus, there was that whole stupid fake scar thing. It would be the pot calling the kettle black if she refused to give Valentin her forgiveness for his crimes.

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