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Five Fast Facts About General Hospital Star Chad Duell

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It’s been nine years since then-23-year-old Chad Duell took over the role of Michael Quartermaine Corinthos on General Hospital. And while soaps fans know all about Michael – he grew up on the show after all (baring a SOARSing or two) — their knowledge of his portrayer might not be as solid. So here are five fast facts about actor Chad Duell.

Day Job
It’s a simple fact that many budding actors find themselves in need of a steady day job in-between those precious acting assignments. Somethings gotta pay the bills after all. And Duell is no exception.

Despite having some early success with booking roles on Disney Channel shows, Duell found his career experiencing a dry spell. So he took a gig as a delivery driver and since he was, admittedly, so bad at taking directions the GPS became his best friend.

The first General Hospital role that Duell audition for was a love interest for Kristina. Later, when he was brought back to audition for Michael he was still under the impression that he was reading for the earlier role.

That Magic Moment
Duell will cop to being incredibly intimidated by the new fast-paced world he found himself in. He even admits that for the first few months he was convinced he would get the ax at any moment. He was having a tough time identifying with the role of Michael and was feeling overwhelmed by the experience.

However, he says it all finally clicked during one particular scene: the dramatic courtroom confession where Michael revealed that he was the one who murdered Claudia Zacchara.

Romance Department
Duell, who has already had one marriage annulled, is a self-described relationship-oriented person. He was romantically linked to Kristen Alderson who played Michael’s girlfriend Kiki and is currently living with ladylove Courtney Hope (a major player on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful)

In 2019, Duell and Hope spent three days at a Harry Potter style “Wizarding School” in Czocha, Poland. During that time they were assigned characters — Duell was Chase Harlow and Hope was Jade Harper.

The pair attended potion and spell classes, participated in “magical sports” and chilled at the wizard’s cantina all while staying in character. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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