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Finn Without Hayden!?!? What Should He Do Now???

Hayden and Finn on General HospitalHayden and Finn on General Hospital

While rumors were swirling that Michael Easton may leave General Hospital (GH) when Rebecca Budig does, it looks like he’s likely to stick around, but what will Finn do without Hayden as his romantic partner-in-crime?

More importantly, what do you want to see him do? Soap Hub posed just that question and your answers surprised us.

There Are New Loves Out There
Out of nearly 3,000 votes, it seems 42% of you can handle Finn (Michael Easton) without Hayden (Rebecca Budig). After all, we’re not even sure that Hayden was supposed to be his love interest when GH created a 5th ABC character for Easton.

She was married to Nikolas when Finn came on the scene and if Tyler Christopher hadn’t left, we have no idea what would have happened between Hayden and Nik.

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You want him to find a new love without Hayden around just because you love the character so. Of course, that doesn’t mean you want Hayden gone, but you have to face casting realities.

Only Hayden For Finn
Another 36% of you think Finn should leave with Hayden. After all, they’re in love, they exist in a storyline that’s practically all their own, and she’s pregnant. You want to know they’ll live happily ever after with their baby, even if it’s not in Port Charles.

The Jury Is Out
The final 22% aren’t sure what you want to see happen after Hayden leaves. You love these two characters together, and the bottom line is you don’t want to see Hayden and Budig go.

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