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From Farewell Nelle To The REAL Ava Jerome In One Seamless General Hospital Week

Franco, Griffin, Ava General HospitalFranco, Griffin, Ava General Hospital

When Nelle kicked and screamed her way into either Pentonville or Ferncliff on Tuesday, Soap Hub wondered what we’d write about now. General Hospital (GH) had given almost the entire show to either Nelle or Peter for months and Peter was still sunburnt with a Paul Bunyon beard laying in a hospital bed.

And Ava? She did the “right” thing, in a Jerome kind of way, by making that baby blanket suddenly appear out of thin air. Magic! And that was the end of that story.

But wait, we didn’t even get a day of rest because it turns out Kiki’s trial was set to start. Hooray! Things to watch and write about.

First, GH is telling an extremely topical story in a time when women are fighting back against centuries of being treated as nothing more than a body to grab by whatever body part men choose.

We are telling the patriarchy that WE get to choose who gets to touch our bodies, because, well, they’re OUR bodies. Kiki made her choice. And Dr. Bensch wasn’t it.

Did that mean she couldn’t make a choice to do what she wanted with another man? Of course not. Her body. Her choice. Even if her choice was soap opera foolish in every cliched way.

Yes, we didn’t even get a chance to blink between Nelle being Nelle and Scotty being Scotty, spilling the beans to Franco that Kiki and Griffin did the deed. Meaning Kiki slept with her mother’s pious, hypocritical, bonehead of a boyfriend.

To bring this little revelation even more into the 21st century, we had a courtroom buried in smartphones with our Port Charles pals texting one another from the same room.

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And who hasn’t texted the wrong person before and said, “Oops, my bad”? Even this writer did it last night when GH should have taught her a lesson. Of course, this writer did not text the wrong person about said person’s daughter having sex with said person’s boyfriend because this writer’s life is actually quite boring.

But, Franco apparently mixed up Ava and Alexis, because they both start with A and Ava had just texted him after all. “Kiki and Griffin had sex.”

That’s all it took to watch Ava transform in about 10 seconds from “Griffin, I am good now” to “Griffin, I might have a hatchet so you might want to protect yourself.”

Welcome back, Ava Jerome. We missed you.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Taylor Foster

Video Credit: Maurice Benard | The Official Youtube Channel

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