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Far And Away: Has Ava Crossed A Line On General Hospital?

Ava and Kiki General HospitalAva and Kiki General Hospital

General Hospital is the place to be if you want your revenge served… Catholic. Ava was not happy to learn that her boyfriend, Griffin, slept with her daughter, Kiki. Ava had a very valid point. Ava had every reason to be angry.

But did Ava have the right to make it so ex-priest Griffin could no longer receive communion? And did she have the right to boast and laugh about it? Kiki didn’t think so, and now her mama has a hand-print to the face to remind her of Kiki’s displeasure.

But what did fans think of Ava’s latest stunt? A whopping 17,000 of you wanted your voice heard!

A Bridge Too Far
It’s a landslide, as an overwhelming 98% of you think Ava has gone where no man has gone before… and not in a good way. What Ava did was an abomination against God. And over Griffin, of all people. Seriously, Ava, is Griffin worth risking your immortal soul for? Griffin?!

Sure, he’s easy on the eyes, and with both a doctorate of divinity and a medical degree he’s pretty well educated (bet he’s a whiz at Latin!). But, the guy was obviously never all that into you. And, Ava, honey? You can do so much better. Sure, you went too far. And Griffin wasn’t even worth it.

What do you think? Post a comment!

All’s Fair in Love and War
If God hadn’t wanted Ava to do it, God would have stopped Ava from doing it, 2% shrug. He’s omnipotent, you know. The fact that Ava’s plan came to fruition – and she’s still breathing and looking smashing as always – means Ava has the angels on her side.

And if they’re on her side… well, then, you are, too. You wouldn’t want to go against God now, would you?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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